Former Broward Sheriff's Office Deputy Arrested for Alleged Insurance Fraud

A former Broward Sheriff's Office deputy claimed a back injury forced him to use a wheelchair and sometimes a walker, but new video shows that deputy walking just fine.

Nicolas Carreno, 45, is accused of conning his employers out of tens of thousands of dollars.

In the new video, Carreno can be seen walking around, getting in and out of his car, and having a drink with some people outside a gas station.

But the big problem is he shouldn't have been doing any of ths, and that's according to Carreno himself.

Back in 2007, the former deputy said he hurt his back lifting his laptop computer out of his patrol car. The pain was so bad that he could stand only on occasion and for no longer than a minute with the support of a walker.

He claimed an injury and was receiving benefits.

BSO had a hunch something was up and hired a private investigator firm, called Command Investigations, out of Orlando.

"Carreno made some heated comments, statements and declarations that he was unable to drive, unable to walk more than just a few steps," an investigator with the firm said.

While under surveillance he was, in fact, doing the exact opposite while he was supposed to be hurt.

NBC 6 was told when Carreno would have his check-up appointments, he'd put on a show.

"Literally, he took his chair out of his house and wheeled up to the van and was lifted into the van and he was brought to and from the medical treatment," the investigator added.

When asked whether they believe Carreno was acting, Command Investigations responded with: "100 percent. 100 percent."

Carreno was later arrested. The video evidence was so concrete against him, he turned himself in last week. He's been charged with workers' compensation fraud.

Carreno has since posted $1,000 bail and has been terminated from the Broward Sheriff's Office.

NBC 6 reached out to him and his attorney for a comment on this story, but did not hear back.

The fraud charge was investigated by the Florida Division of Insurance Fraud.

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