Former Florida Trooper, Current Miami Public Defender Arrested Over Two Baggies of Heroin Worth $20: Police

A former Florida state trooper who is currently a criminal defense lawyer in Miami allegedly bought two baggies of heroin for $20 from an undercover narcotics detective, according to an arrest report.

Alexander Annunziato, 38, told an undercover narcotics detective he wanted to purchase two bags of heroin worth $10 each, the report reads. Annunziato was arrested shortly after allegedly handing the detective a $20 bill for the narcotics.

The arresting officer found two baggies of heroin in Annunziato's right-front pocket, the report adds.

Annunziato was charged with purchase of a controlled substance. He was arrested on Monday near his office at the Miami-Dade Public Defender's Office in Allapattah and has been suspended without pay as an assistant public defender, the Miami Herald reports.

Annunziato was fired in February 2017 after Miami police found him "passed out" behind the wheel after apparently colliding with two unoccupied vehicles, according to the Miami Herald.

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