Former Miami Hurricanes Player Gets New Kidney From Old Teammate

A former Miami Hurricanes player is recovering a year after he received a kidney from an unexpected donor: his teammate from back in the day.

Gerard Daphnis was one of the many people who celebrated their one-year anniversary Wednesday in receiving their new organs thanks to the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center.

"It’s great to see them a year later and how they're doing with their families and getting their life back," said Dr. Rodrigo Vianna of the Miami Transplant Institute. "It's a special day for our patients and a special day for us."

Daphnis and his donor, Jermaine Chambers, both came to the University of Miami in 1992 as freshman football players.

"After things kind of leveled off, and some precautionary measures were put in place, it's been all positive," Daphnis said.

They not only represent the "U" for life, but they will forever be linked for years to come.

For more information about the Miami Transplant Institute, click here.

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