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Former Miami Marlins Pitcher Takes Oath to Become US Citizen

Sanchez among 123 to take oath in Oakland Park Friday

We've seen so much passion and anger in the past few months over issues surrounding immigration, but if there's one sure-fire way to make all sides feel good about immigration, it's by watching 123 immigrants become citizens of the United States of America.

They come from more than 20 countries, pledging loyalty to the United States, to the constitution, and among them, Anibal Sanchez from Venezuela. Some might remember him as a Miami Marlins pitcher, but on Friday he led the group in the pledge of allegiance at the ceremony in Oakland Park.

Sanchez said it's a huge honor to become a citizen.

"I feel great, I feel great, it's another goal in my life, it's another dream come true," Sanchez said.

But what about those struggling to get to America?

"Yeah, it's really rough, people trying to get legal status here in this country," said Libia Comas, a new citizen.

As for the celebrity in the room, Sanchez said he's looking forward to voting, and no matter what happens in Washington, America will always be a magnet.

"The people they want to come here and they want to make a great future and have the opportunity, the American dream so the people have to do it, no matter what," Sanchez said.

Unlike most immigrants, Sanchez is already a millionaire. His first priority at the moment is making the starting rotation of the Detroit Tigers!

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