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Former Miami Police Officer Pleads Guilty in Drug Trafficking Conspiracy

A former Miami Police officer arrested along with two other cops in a federal drug trafficking conspiracy case has pleaded guilty, authorities said.

Schonton Harris pled guilty to conspiracy to possess cocaine with the intent to distribute it, FBI officials said Friday. Her sentencing is scheduled for April 3.

Harris, James Archibald, and Kelvin Harris were charged in October after prosecutors said they participated in a scheme to protect people that they believed were money launderers and drug traffickers in exchange for cash, giving them protection and transportation.

Schonton Harris also used and dealt drugs and was able to rig the drug testing system so she would be able to give a clear sample if she was asked by the department, authorities said. She also sold a City of Miami Police uniform and badge to an undercover agent for $1,500, believing the uniform would be used by a hitman to kill someone for a drug trafficker, prosecutors said.

In exchange for providing police protection, Schonton Harris received $17,000, Kelvin Harris received $10,000, and Archibald received $6,500, prosecutors said.

Schonton Harris had been with the department since January of 1999. Kelvin Harris had been with the department since January 1992. Archibald was hired in April 2016.

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