Former Students Accused of Burglarizing Miami Killian High School

What to Know

  • The accused face several years in prison if found guilty, a judge said.
  • Both men were ordered to serve in a pre-trial program or pay a $5,000 bond.
  • They were appointed public defenders for bond court.

Two men – one set to begin college and another attempting to join the U.S. Army – are accused of burglarizing their alma mater, Miami Killian High School.

Adrian Abanto, seeking a future in college, and Abraham Pedilla, seeking a future in the armed forces, were appointed representatives from the public defender's office for bond court.

“He wanted to go to school and learn – 1:20 in the morning they found him with a skateboard, a DVD player – oh he took them from inside the school,” Miami-Dade Judge Mindy Glazer said Monday.

Both men were former students of the Miami school.

"Really?" Glazer said after hearing he was college-bound. "He’s not too bright getting in trouble.”

Pedilla told Glazer in his separate bond court appearance that he was "trying to go into the Army."

"Okay but not with criminal charges," Glazer replied. "You gotta be careful, alright.”

Glazer ordered that both men must stay away from the school, each other and participate in a pre-trial program for first-time offenders with an alternate bond of $5,000 if they fail to comply.

“Let me tell you something, you’re looking at five years in prison if you’re found guilty," Glazer said. "Stay out of trouble.”

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