Grounded! Fort Lauderdale Air Show Needs an Angel

Money problems could cancel the air show again

The Air Fort Lauderdale Fest isn't short on wings, but what it needs to get off the ground next month is a prayer.

The popular air show, which is usually flooded with hundreds of thousands of spectators over the course of the event, is on the verge of being canceled according to the Sun-Sentinel.

The show is scheduled for April 24-25, but the head organizer said he doesn't have the money to put on the show anymore and needs someone to step up with sponsorship cash by mid-week or the show is off.

The show needs somewhere around $1 million in the next two days. The event's Facebook page stopped short of announcing a cancellation.

"We DO NOT want the show to be cancelled!!! We need your help to find an Angel Investor!!!"

"It's heartbreaking,'' organizer Stan Smith told the Sentinel. "So many people have worked hard.''

Ironically, some of the show's problems might be because Smith didn't book the Blue Angels, usually the most popular act of the event once known as the Fort Lauderdale Air and Sea Show.

The scaled down version was a way to keep the aeronautical show alive after it skipped a year last year.

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