Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Firefighters Rescue Ducklings With Vacuum

102914 fort lauderdale firefighters rescue ducklings
Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue

Fort Lauderdale firefighters devised an ingenious way to save a group of ducklings found trapped in a drain pipe.

The firefighters from Fire Rescue Haz Mat 88 were out training Sunday when they came across an adult duck in distress near a drainpipe.

Chirping noises were coming out of the 4-inch pipe which was about 4-feet deep and turned sharply into a building at a right angle.

To get the ducklings out, firefighters decided to use a shop vacuum to suction the ducklings out to safety.

When they were finished, the firefighters had pulled nine ducklings out. Their mother sat by and greeted each one as it was taken out.

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