Broward County

Fort Lauderdale Suspends Red Light Camera Program

The City of Fort Lauderdale is temporarily suspending its red light camera program, officials said Friday.

The move comes a week after a Broward County judge ruled the program violates state statute.

"I’m surprised that the legal counsel for all of these jurisdictions didn’t realize there was an alternative to do this, back when the appellate court first made its decision," attorney Gary Kollin said.

Kollin represents ticketed drivers from five local cities who are pursuing a class action lawsuit to get their money back. He said the private company hired by Fort Lauderdale and others, American Traffic Solutions, actually issued the citations without having the law enforcement power to do so.

"My particular clients, they’re happy they’re in suit, they’re going to get their monies back, they thought they were improper or illegal to begin with," Kollin said.

In addition to those who have already paid citations, Kollin said the city’s decision should clear the way for drivers who still owe payment on red light tickets.

"It appears that all of those tickets are going to be thrown out," Kollin said. "As far as I’m concerned, we’re still processing these five suits and there could be hundreds more throughout the state."

Drivers who have received or paid for a red light ticket are advised by Kollin to hold on to the paperwork for now.

City officials said the city manager plans to discuss the issue with the mayor and city commissioners at a March 17 meeting.

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