Broward County Wants the Public to be the Best ‘SOB' it Can Be Amid Reopening

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A total, raving, SOB. That’s what the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance wants everyone to be. A Supporter of Broward.

What, you were thinking something else?

They’re rolling out a new marketing campaign with banners and billboards which you will soon be seeing all over the county. Even the Water Taxi boats are telling everyone to be an SOB, proving sailors are as salty as you thought.

“It is a tongue-in-cheek, light-hearted campaign designed to capture attention, it’s a little bit of a wink and nod, we’re really focused on being a supporter of Broward,” said Joe Hovancak, executive director of Six Pillars Broward, which is part of the Alliance.

“One of the ladies from our church, she doesn’t like the campaign because of what she thinks it means and my mom said to her, she’s 93, I like it because my husband’s name was Bob and he was an SOB his whole life, sweet old Bob,” said Dan Lindblade, president fo the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.

Obviously everybody’s going to get the joke here but part of this campaign, the safety aspect, is super serious, which is why they’re handing out hand sanitizer bottles with labels that say, “Sanitize Like an SOB,” and face masks printed with “Real SOB’s wear masks.”

“The goals are simple, one priority is safety, let’s get everyone wearing masks and social distancing, and two, we want to build consumer confidence, we want people out there spending but spending safely,” Hovancak said.

We all know the pandemic has devastated the economy. According to their own survey, the Alliance says 136,000 people in Broward lost their jobs, and the recent corona virus surges make safety even more crucial to contain community spread, bring down the curve in this wave and prevent a second wave of Covid19 infections.

“It’s been bad enough this time, especially in the hospitality industry, we’re seeing significant turmoil there with joblessness but also with companies not being able to reignite and restart,” Lindblade said.

So the message is simple. Dispense with the pleasantries and just let your inner SOB out.

Support local businesses but do it safely, wear a mask, stay socially distance, observe the precautions you already know all about.

The pandemic is far from over.

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