Foster Parent at Center of Jackson South Investigation: Department of Children and Families

A DCF official says the agency is investigating the actions of a man who went to see a baby born at the hospital

The Department of Children and Families confirmed that a foster parent is at the center of an investigation involving a baby born at Jackson South Community Hospital.

Two hospital administrators, the chief nursing officer and the director of obstetrics, are no longer working there as a result.

The child, born on Oct. 4, was given up by its mother. A couple of days later it was taken from the second-floor nursery to the first floor, after one employee directly contacted a family looking to adopt, sources said.

"We are in the process of investigating the actions of the foster parent,” Esther Jacobo, DCF’s Southern Region managing director, said of the man who went to see the baby. “We are weighing all of the options available to us including but not limited to review of his foster care license. "

Jackson Health System spokesman Ed O’Dell said earlier this week that an internal investigation was launched quickly.

“Once we learned that there was a possibility of hospital policy being violated, we immediately began an investigation and as a result of that investigation we did determine that hospital policy was probably violated, and as such two people were terminated,” he said of the employees, who technically were allowed to resign.

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