FPL Cutler Power Plant in Palmetto Bay Demolished

The Cutler Power Plant was demolished to make room for newer, more efficient plants.

After less than a month of demolishing its plant in Port Everglades, Florida Power & Light Company has torn down another South Florida fixture.

The Cutler Power Plant in Palmetto Bay was imploded Saturday morning after 60 years in service.

The two 150-foot tall smokestacks and two power-generating boilers were brought down in less than 30 seconds using controlled explosives.

"This was a triple boom, boom, boom -- and then you felt it was over," resident Guy Young said. "You knew something strange happened."

VIDEO: FPL Plant at Port Everglades Demolished

The plant, which first provided power to Miami-Dade in 1949, has been out of service for four years due to enhancements made at the Turkey Point plant and the addition of more efficient plants in South Florida. Now, plants that run on clean, low-cost American natural gas will be the new standard.

FPL says the new plants will save customers money and reduce air emissions into the environment.

"[It's] all for the benefit of our customer: providing a lower cost bill, removing our dependency on foriegn oil and providfng a better environment for all of us," said FPL Vice President Roxanne Kennedy.

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