FPL Employees Prepping For Hurricane Season

With hurricane season just days away, Florida Power & Light took over part of Pompano Beach's Isle City Casino to practice restoring power after a storm.

Hundreds of employees gathered from all over Florida to do what they've learned in training and get power back to as many customers as quickly as possible.

The new technology means employees will have drones and rovers at their disposal to assess damage much faster with less manpower.

FPL says it invested $3 billion since 2005 to make the grid stronger, smarter and more storm-resilient.

"We've got our automated feeder switches out in the field, this is part of the smart grid we've implemented called the smart sensors," said FPL employee Ed Devarona. "We estimate during Matthew we avoided 118,000 customer outages and interruptions because of those smart grid technology."

The site is setup like a mini city, allowing employees a place to live with infrastructure so they can sleep, eat, shower and even do laundry while they work restore power.

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