Frantzy Armand, Suspect in Violent Crime Spree, Felt ‘Crazy' After Arrest in Interview

The South Florida man who allegedly went on a wild rampage stealing a police car, shooting two civilians and firing at police officers told detectives he felt "crazy" in the moments after his arrest, according to his police interview obtained exclusively by NBC 6.

"Right now my head is everywhere," Frantz Armand tells an officer in the audio tape.

"How are you feeling other than that?" the officer asks.

"Crazy. I can't even cough," he responds.

Armand faces a slew of charges including attempted premeditated murder on a law enforcement officer, attempted felony murder with a firearm, armed carjacking and criminal mischief related to the April incident.

He has pleaded not guilty and remains behind bars without bond.

Police say Armand shut down a huge section of Miami-Dade this spring, firing his weapon at random while driving a stolen police car. The incident started when Armand got into a fight with another cab driver and then started smashing windshields at the cab company on Northwest 79th street, police said.

Armand then took off in his cab but was pulled over by an officer near 125th Street, police said. He got out of his cab and walked toward the officer, brandishing an assault rifle and that's when the officer fired, striking Armand, police said.

During the police interview NBC 6 obtained just after he was captured, Armand is amazingly calm and cut short the chit chat, saying he wants to get to the point as to what happened when all the shooting started.

Photos NBC 6 exclusively obtained show the victims in the hospital shortly after police say Armand went on his wild crime spree. They also show the assault rifle witnesses say Armand used to fire at civilians just on out their daily activities.

"It was horrible, it was terrifying," victim Bernadette Gonzalez said. "I was scared to death, I thought I was going to die actually because of all of the blood that was coming out."

A cell phone video shows the moments when North Miami Officer Neil Johnson's gun battle with Armand ended and Johnson took Armand into custody. The officer's weapon was inventoried by investigators.

In the police interrogation room, Armand is heard amazingly calm and doesn't consent to a DNA test and tells detectives he felt crazy.

The bloody evidence indicates the near escape from death made by one victim. Armand told the North Miami detectives Michael Gaudio and Danielle Quiros to cut the small talk.

"But I ain't gonna lie do we have to go through all this stuff right now?" Armand says in the interview.

"No, I am just trying to get to know you, your background," the officer responds. "Or we can just cut straight to it, if that's what you want to do?"

"Yes, yes," Armand says.

Armand is due back in court next month.

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