Killers of Innocent Man Murdered in Revenge Plot Sought 9 Years Later

On May 13, 2010, Felicia Williams got the phone call that every parent dreads. Her son, Frederick Ferguson Jr., was murdered.

"He was my baby," she said. "He was my everything."

According to Miami-Dade police, Ferguson was walking out of the Cutler Manor Apartments near SW 216th Street and 108th Avenue when he was ambushed and shot multiple times. Police say the shooting was within close range.

"I believe he was followed," said Miami-Dade police Det. Richard Raphael. "I believe these individuals somehow knew he was there."

Investigators believe someone was seeking revenge for a homicide Ferguson did not commit at a nightclub in January 2010. Police say people began to wrongfully accuse Ferguson.

"My investigation revealed that he was not responsible," Raphael said. "As a matter of fact, he'd be considered an innocent victim at this stage. He was wrongfully targeted. We later identified the suspect in the other homicide."

Ferguson's mother has a strong support system. Family and friends have helped her get through the last eight and a half years, but not a day goes by that Williams doesn't hope for justice.

"They need to turn themselves in," she said. "It's not fair for them to take another person's life like that. Who died and made them God?"

"It would be my hope that the individuals that were around the Cutler Manor Apartments back then have matured, gotten older and they would probably see this piece and call me with that one tip that I need to close this case out," Raphael said.

Anyone with information about this case should contact police or Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS (8477). Tipsters can remain anonymous.

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