‘Free Lolita' Protest Planned Outside Miami Seaquarium Tuesday

Protesters will rally outside of the Miami Seaquarium on Tuesday asking for the release of Lolita, the famous orca whale who has been an attraction for nearly half a century.

The whale was captured 47 years ago along Washington state coast lines and has been on display at the Key Biscayne park ever since.

Lolita weighs about 7,000 pounds and is about 20 feet long. She performs in the killer whale and dolphin show. 

Protesters cite a USDA study stating a whale of Lolita's size should be in a bigger tank. However, officials from the Seaquarium dispute that and have long said Lolita is well taken care of and has lived in captivity for so long that she wouldn’t survive out on her own.

PETA activists will gather in front of the Seaquarium at 12 p.m. pleading for her release into the ocean.

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