Frequent Fliers Say MIA's a Bad Trip

Miami airport gets poor marks on recent survey, nearly as bad as LaGuardia

Travelers to Miami are no doubt excited to hit the beach and take in everything the city has to offer, they're just not too thrilled with having to make a stop at our airport.

A new Zagat survey has Miami International Airport near the bottom of a 30-city list for quality ratings that questioned over 8,000 travelers.

MIA came in at No. 29 on the list, just ahead of the dreadful LaGuardia in New York. Tops on the list is Portland International, followed by Tampa and Salt Lake City.

Maybe travelers didn't like interacting with cholera-infected passengers? Or maybe it was one of those pesky evacuations that helped give us a low rating?

Despite having its own issues, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International came in at No. 19 on the list.

It was the second year in a row MIA came in nearly last on the list, though it did improve by nearly one point in the quality rating, from a 6.85 to 7.77 out of 30.

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