From Photos of Team's Stars to One of Birdman's Sneakers, Miramar Family Burns With Miami Heat Spirit

The Heat held a block party in the Munoz family's neighborhood in Miramar Tuesday

A block party to celebrate white hot Heat spirit brought neighbors in Miramar together Tuesday night.

It's not every day you get a visit from Burnie himself. The Miami Heat mascot showed off his best dance moves and rummaged through the Munoz family's closet as he made himself at home.

"We're there at every game," Ana Munoz said.

The Heat chose to host the party in her neighborhood because of her team spirit. She's been a season ticket holder for eight years and shares her passion for the team with her entire family.

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While some men dream of having a man cave, Munoz's three boys – her husband and two sons – get a fan cave.

It is complete with signed memorabilia, framed photos of the family posing with Dwyane Wade, and some coveted gear including one of Chris "Birdman" Andersen's size 15 sneakers. It all belongs to two lucky kids whose rooms are popular hangout spots among their friends. Wilfred Munoz says you have to have cool parents to live in a house like theirs.

"They're awesome!" he said.

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But Dad, another big kid, knows just how lucky he is too and his wife makes sure to remind him.

"She always tells me how lucky I am to have a wife who loves basketball, and she's right," Robert Munoz said.

In this household, the Heat have even invaded Christmas. Their tree was trimmed with homemade Heat ornaments.

The family members with paws know who to bark for too. Their newest puppy is named Miami, and the puppy's mom is named Heat. No fair-weather fans here though, just a healthy dose of confidence.

"Mom's the cocky Heat fan. She says we're going to win the four (games) straight," Wilfred Munoz said.

"I never lose faith in my team," said Mrs. Munoz.

For the diehard fans, basketball is also about spending quality time with the family. As long as the boys keep their grades up and wake up on time for school.

"The rule is if you wake up to go to school every day, you can go to the Heat game. It's worked out well. No complaints in the morning," she said.

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