From Puerto Rico to Miami: ‘La Social' Plants Roots in MiMo After Hurricane Maria

For three months, the MiMo District in Miami has been buzzing about of a brand new bistro called “La Social.”

Originally located in the city of El Condado on the island of Puerto Rico, the popular restaurant fed both tourists and the community. “La Social” was more than just a local eatery for residents. It also had a boutique and hair salon.

Just as the owners were getting ready to open up a second location, Mother Nature had a different plan in mind.

Hurricane Maria slammed Puerto Rico, leaving the island and its population devastated.

For four months after the storm, the restaurant, boutique and salon were closed, with no electricity.

“A month after the hurricane, there was a lot of rain – two feet of water in our store,” said one of the two business owners David Flores.

Flores said there was a lot of mold in the restaurant and that they lost between 90 and 100 percent of the boutique to hurricane damage.

Despite hardships endured, it wasn’t the end for Flores, nor his business partner, Ivan Nieves.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, doctors could no longer give Nieves’ grandfather medical treatment for his battle with prostate cancer. So, they packed their bags and moved to South Florida, relocating the posh yet affordable restaurant with them.

Several months after settling in the MiMo district of Miami, the business owners said that being inside their new location felt like a big hug.

The new “La Social” serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and its owners call their kitchen creative cuisine, with many options for customers including all-day breakfast.

“We try to bring a lot of Puerto Rico on the specials, plus the regular menu every day.”

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