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FTX Arena Announces Mandatory Mask Policy as Part of COVID-19 Safety Protocols


The FTX Arena announced Tuesday that it has implemented a series of COVID-19 related health and safety measures to help mitigate the risk of exposure as it welcomes fans back to the Arena.

These policies follow recommendations from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and could be modified at any time.

Per the latest CDC recommendations, all guests, including fully vaccinated guests over the age of two, must wear a face mask while on Arena property. This must be a properly fitting face mask that completely covers the mouth and nose.

Among the permitted masks are the KN95, N95, a cloth mask or a surgical mask. Bandanas, gaiters or masks with ventilators will not be permitted.

The only exception to remove a face mask is while actively eating in your seats, or at any of the designated eating areas throughout the Arena, but not while walking or standing in the concourses, at the concession stands or bars.

Anyone not adhering to the mask policy may be removed from the premises.

The Arena has also implemented other safety protocols to ensure a smooth transition back to the building.

For expedited entry into the building, the Arena encourages fans not to bring a bag with the exception of small bags or purses smaller than 10"x6". All bags will be scanned through x-ray machines.

If your bag exceeds these dimensions, rentable Binbox lockers will be available for storage.

Medical and infant bags will be permitted.

Cash will also no longer be accepted as a form of payment. However, reverse ATMs will be located throughout the Arena.

Acceptable forms of payment include: Debit cards, credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or NFC chip enabled cards.

The Arena's cleaning and disinfecting protocols also adhere to all CDC and NBA guidelines.

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