Gainesville Police Say 1 UF Attack was Unfounded

The Gainesville Police Department said Thursday that one of the four reported recent attacks on the campus of the University of Florida was unfounded.

A female UF student originally reported that she was attacked by the same suspect believed to be involved in three other attacks on women on the campus. Police said that during follow-up interviews, the details originally reported by the woman were different from what had actually happened.

Gainesville Police said they don’t believe the woman intentionally lied to police. GPD said she admitted to being intoxicated when she made the initial report, but has been honest since then and police said no charges would be filed against her.

Still, Gainesville Police said they are focused on finding the person responsible for the other three assaults on the campus.

“We believe there is still a suspect out there that has committed very personal and invasive crimes in our city,” said GPD spokesman Officer Ben Tobias. “We are confident that the three other victims were attacked as they reported, and we will not stop until we have expended every effort to identify the suspect and bring him to justice.”

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