Gainesville Uber Driver Diverts Ride, Gropes Woman: Police

A woman escaped from an Uber ride in north Florida after the driver groped her, police said.

Edwin Ricci, 66, was arrested on Simple Battery charges for the alleged attack that happened on June 14 in Gainesville.

The woman was traveling in the Uber ride she purchased when she noticed the driver making the wrong turn. She was Facetiming with a friend when she told the driver he was going the wrong way, but Ricci allegedly told the victim "we are just taking a little ride," according to an arrest report.

That's when the driver noticed the woman was Facetiming and he turned the car and said "I hope he is not a jealous guy," a police report says. Ricci allegedly reached over and grabbed the woman's breasts, police said. The victim hit the driver's arm and yelled at him to stop before she jumped out the car and ran.

The woman's friend, who was on the Facetime call, saw and heard part of the attack, police said.

Ricci was arrested Monday at his attorney's office after he was identified by the victim from a six-person photo lineup.

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