Gay Ex-Cop Denied Hollywood PD Badge

A judge in court today said Michael Verdugo's arbitrator wasn't biased

Michael Verdugo, the gay former Hollywood cop who lost his job after it was revealed he once appeared in a bondage porno film, was in court today, seeking to get his Hollywood badge back.

In August, Verdugo's Florida certification was reinstated, but he was still not allowed back on the Hollywood police force. Today, Verdugo and his lawyers argued that the arbitrator assigned to his case was biased, but the judge disagreed.

Though he won't be allowed back on the Hollywood force, after his court appearance, Verdugo -- a nine-year veteran who was fired from Hollywood PD for not disclosing his porno past on his job application -- said he is still optimistic about being hired elsewhere.

"It doesn't have to be Hollywood," Verdugo said, "but that was my home for a long time, there's a lot of great cops there, family there, so I wanted to go back there."

Verdugo said he's thankful that he still has his Florida certification.

"Thank god I won that, I can still be a cop, I can hold onto my certificate, so we'll see the next chapter."

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