Gays Gain Equal Benefits Rights in Miami

With Miss California on the outs, gay rights are on the rise

City of Miami commissioners showed off their equality badges Thursday, voting unanimously to allow employees with same-sex partners the same benefits as married couples.

The same health and insurance benefits would also apply to opposite-sex partners who haven't tied the knot. The domestic partnership ordinance was pushed by SAVE Dade, Miami-Dade's largest gay-rights group. A celebration of the gay-rights victory is planned for South Beach tonight and rumors have it Khloe Kardashian will be involved to show a little gay love.

Miss California undoubtedly is not on the special guests list.

The county and cities like Miami Beach and North Miami have already passed similar local laws, which seem to be a counter to the statewide view that same-sex partners are not equal to married people. Gay couples can't get married in Florida.

''We thank the Miami City Commission's leadership in recognizing that the families of all city employees deserve fair and equitable treatment,'' SAVE Dade Executive Director C.J. Ortuno said in a press release.

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