Gear Up for Florida's 10-Day Back to School Sales Tax Holiday!

As the summer days come to an end, Florida shoppers can prepare for the upcoming school year by participating in the ten-day “back to school sales tax holiday” starting this Friday, August 7.

“By having it from August 7th through the 16th, it gives multiple weekends for families to go in and shop,” said James Miller of Florida Retail Federation in a press release. “Depending on when someone gets paid, it may play a big role on when they are able to go. In years past, they just had that one weekend. Now they have ten days over two weekends to shop and get what they need.”

Extended by a week from pervious sales tax holidays, this is be the longest sales tax holiday in the state since 1988. This extended holiday was passed as part of a larger tax cut package pushed through the legislature during a June special session.

Shoppers can take advantage of this holiday by buying clothing and shoes under $100 per item, school supplies under $15 per item, and selected computer equipment. Additionally, the first $750 of a computer purchase will be tax free.

“This isn’t just for parents with kids K through 12,” said Miller. “This is for college students. This is for professionals. This is for anyone wanting to go out and buy new clothes, maybe buy a new laptop, a smart phone or a tablet.”

Miller also says many stores will also be holding special sales over the next two weekends, in an effort to get customers through their doors.

For more information, please visit the Florida Department of Revenue.

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