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Georgia Man Driving Big Rig Allegedly Shoots at Couple on I-95: FHP

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The frightening moments where a South Florida couple said they were being shot at were caught on camera after a big truck allegedly cut them off on the road.

The video was taken by 24-year-old Danielle Baker while her boyfriend, 26-year-old Ardwens Estivene, was behind the wheel heading north on Interstate 95 in Miami Gardens.

“The trucker cut us off and I swerved to miss him. I had to swerve two lanes," Estivene said. 

Estivene said he yelled out the window that the truck driver almost struck them.

“I’m like, 'You almost hit us. You almost most caused an accident.' As I was going up that ramp, he started speed up and he tries to hit my car. So I swerved to the right,” Estivene said.

The driver of the truck, 67-year-old Randall Vaughters of Georgia, appeared in bond court Monday after police caught up with him. He was behind the wheel of a big rig when the Florida Highway Patrol says he started shooting.

“It’s a road rage incident where the defendant allegedly brandished a gun and fired multiple shots at the victim's vehicle and was captured on video," a prosecutor told the judge in court.

Estivene, who is an aspiring professional boxer, never defended himself and his girlfriend from any blows — instead it was gunfire they were ducking.

“As soon she got the company name, he started firing shots. He just started shooting," Estivene said.  

“We got shot at. I don't know him. He doesn’t know me," Baker said.

Vaughters told the judge Monday that "there will be no more guns."

“I saw his apology, and whatever he tried to do, at the end of the day, you’re a truck driver — that’s an 18 wheeler — you could kill half of the whole highway right now,” Baker said.

Baker says this frightening experience has her understanding why people get concealed weapons permits to carry guns. The judge told Vaughters to stay away from the couple and prohibited him from carrying any guns in the state of Florida.

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