‘Get the Vaccine No Matter What,' Says Man Battling COVID-19 From Hospital Bed

Larry Krupnick, 73, worries about ending up in the ICU or being intubated

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An oxygen mask and tubes help Larry Krupnick breathe as he battles COVID-19 at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood. He tested positive for the virus back on July 24 and now has pneumonia.

“They say that I’m showing a little bit of improvement and developing antibodies,” Krupnick said, coughing.

The Hollywood resident is one of the overwhelming majority of hospitalized patients in Florida who are unvaccinated. Krupnick wishes he got the shot months ago.

“I want people to realize this is (expletive). You should get the vaccine no matter what,” said Krupnick from his hospital bed.

“He was confused about all the information and getting vaccinated,” said Eric Krupnick, Larry’s son.

Eric tried to convince his dad for months to get the vaccine.

“He was finally going to get vaccinated after talking to him about it a lot and then he got COVID,” said Eric.

Krupnick says he’s not in pain, but he is lonely since visitor restrictions at South Florida hospitals keep his friends and family from coming to see him in person. Eric calls him every day.

“I think the best thing is to talk to him, support him … Try to distract him with what’s going on in my life,” says Eric.

Krupnick has a clear message to anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated, that is, go get the shot.

“You’ve got to play percentages, and right now the safest percentage for anybody in this world, is by having the vaccine,” he said.

Krupnick says he’s had plasma and Remdesivir treatments since his diagnosis, and neither have helped him. The biggest unknown right now is when he can go home. He’s worried it will be weeks, possibly even months.

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