South Florida Girl Undergoes Heated Chemotherapy

Kelly Cruz underwent heated chemotherapy to battle cancer. The procedure is new to Florida.

A South Florida 8-year-old has new hope in her fight against recurring stomach cancer.
That's after a team of Miami Children's Hospital doctors completed an 8-and-a-half-hour procedure on the rhabdomyosarcoma.
Doctors expect Kelly Cruz to go home the first week of November, in time for her ninth birthday on the 18th.
What 8-year-old Cruz has been through is enough to overwhelm anyone, including her mother, Gioconda Vivas.
"They told me she had cancer at just 4 years old," she said in Spanish. "And then at 7 she couldn't take anymore radiation."
An aggressive stomach cancer left her with leas than 10 percent chance of survival. Then on Sept. 30, a team of doctors performed a new treatment called heated chemotherapy.
"This really pinpoints the tumor ... Everything went perfectly, " said Cathy Burnwhite, the doctor who performed the surgery.
Now doctors say that now, with the procedure, which is new to Florida, she has a reasonable chance of survival. Initially she had less than a 10 percent chance and now she has more than 50 percent.
Vivas said she is full of hope, not only for Kelly, but for other children as well.
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