Gold Bar From $4 Million Heist Found in South Florida: FBI

A gold bar that was part of a $4 million heist last month in North Carolina was found in South Florida, FBI officials said Monday.

The gold bar, which weighs about 26 pounds and is worth as much as $500,000, was recently recovered. The FBI isn't releasing the details of when, where and how the bar was found due to the ongoing investigation, officials said.

"This confirms that there is a South Florida nexus to this crime," Special Agent Justin Fleck said in a statement."We believe that additional gold bars from the robbery may still be in South Florida and we continue to need the public’s help in solving this crime. The FBI reward of $25,000 still remains in effect."

The truck was traveling from Miami to Massachusetts on March 1 when the two security guards pulled off to the side of I-95 after having mechanical problems.

They were then approached by three armed men driving a white van who ordered the guards to lie on the ground, tied their hands behind their backs and then marched them into nearby woods. The robbers then unloaded barrels filled with gold and made their getaway, according to a statement.

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