Gonzalez Guilty of Corruption

Former Miami commish formerly entered guilty plea Monday

Embattled former city of Miami commissioner Angel Gonzalez faced a judge Monday afternoon to officially plead guilty to exploitation of public office.

Gonzalez resigned from his position Friday, and will get six months probation under a deal struck with prosecutors. In addition, Gonzalez, who has been involved in local politics for decades, has also agreed to never run for public office again.

While facing the judge, he briefly asked about the stipulation that he is not allowed to talk publicly about anything regarding the matter.

"My question is, can I express my personal feelings in reference to the process?" Gonzalez asked.

"Ask your lawyer," Judge Samuel Slom replied.

Prosecutors claim Gonzalez used his commission seat to land his daughter a "ghost job" at a construction company that did work for the city. His daughter, Michelle Gonzalez, allegedly received nearly $50,000 in just under two years from the Delant Construction Company, yet never did any work for them.

Gonzalez pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge, but his daughter won't be charged. Delant owner Juan Delgado was granted immunity but still faces other fraud charges unrelated to the sham job.

Gonzalez's attorney, Jack Blumenfeld, told reporters Gonzalez didn't know his daughter had the "ghost job."

"When he found out several months later that she did have this job they had a big fight, he told her she had to stop and he called Delgado and told him it had to stop," Blumenfeld said. "And he passed a polygraph on that among other things."

The city commission will have to decide whether to fill Gonzalez's empty seat themselves or hold a runoff election.

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