“Good Job, Good Effort” Kid Ready for Another Miami Heat Win

Nine-year-old Jack Meyer is still the team's biggest fan.

Remember nine-year-old Jack Meyer from last year? The Heat was down in the series against the Celtics, and he sent four little words of inspiration to the team after the game.

"Good job. Good effort."

That quickly created an Internet and TV sensation. He's been in Sports Illustrated, on ESPN, and he's met most of the players.

"Everyone except for one," Meyer said. "LeBron. And I'm just dying to meet him."

Meyer is still the biggest heat fan around. In fact, he's now taking to the airwaves.

A Chicago radio station has been calling him before each game of the series against the Bulls and Meyer has been talking NBA stats, and taking all the smack talk, defending the Heat.

"They have been chatting away, trash talking Miami, and they don't have much bragging rights anymore after that 37-point blowout," Meyer said.

He's even been placing bets before each game.

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"The first time I bet 10 Chicago hot dogs in exchange for my dad's XTS. Thankfully the Heat won that game," he said.

Meyer's dad was even happier the Heat won. It was his black Cadillac that was on the line.

"I said, 'Jack, what did you do? You just bet my car?'" dad Jim Meyer said. "'He said, 'Dad don't sweat it. Don't worry. They've got this one.'"

The car is safe because the Heat won their last game, but for Friday's game, it's double or nothing.

"Now it's 20 Chicago hot dogs and a deep dish pizza in exchange for the car of the reporter's choice from my uncle's dealership," Meyer said.

Either way, he'll hopefully have one full stomach and one happy heart as he is ready for the Heat to win.

Meyer is hoping to watch the game Friday with his family at home in hopes 20 hot dogs and a deep dish pizza will be coming his way next week.

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