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Good Neighbor Saves a Mail Mixup in Fort Lauderdale

A Fort Lauderdale man claims his package was saved by his neighbor

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A priceless package was found by a good neighbor after it was delivered to the wrong house in Fort Lauderdale.

Don spent days tracking his newly purchased vintage 1972 guitar base he found online. But according to Don, the shipping company delivered it to the wrong address.

“The neighbor calls me up and says that this big box was delivered," he said. "So I drive over there, and lucky for me. I mean I was so, so happy that she read my phone number on the box that the music store put."

The mail mixup could have ended badly, but thanks to a good neighbor, that didn’t happen.

“I’m grateful, just so grateful that she found it," Don said.

He was thankful his neighbor was home at the time when they delivered the package.

“[The] possibility of it being stolen, I mean you have a 5-foot box with fragile stickers on it with a label from a music store. I can't imagine if it was stolen because it's 50 years old, you can't replace it,” Don explained.

Because the guitar is considered priceless, Don says he required a signature at delivery from the shipping company.

But he claims the delivery man never asked for one after his neighbor sent him a video of the delivery man.

“A few days later, she sent me a video of the FedEx man delivering the package to the house," Don said. "He just put it on the doorstep. He rang the bell. There was nothing to sign, he walked away. She even said that there wasn't even enough time to answer the door."

Don believes if the delivery man asked for a signature, he would have realized he was delivering Don’s package to the wrong house.

With the holidays right around the corner, Don hopes the shipping company will be faster in correcting delivery errors.

“There’s gotta be a number to call and say, ‘Hey this happened,’ to expedite and find the driver somewhere so this doesn’t happen to somebody," Don said.

FedEx released this statement to NBC 6: "The security of our customers’ shipments is a top priority. We are currently looking into these claims and will work directly with Mr. Lavelle and the shipper on this matter.”

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