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GOP Candidates Try to Win Florida Voters at Sunshine Summit

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was the first republican presidential candidate to speak at Friday's Sunshine Summit in Orlando, where he was bipartisan in his blame for the challenges facing America.

"Our allies do not trust us, our adversaries do not respect us," Rubio told the crowd at the event. "I know that this is a Republican gathering and so perhaps saying something about your own party that's less than not kind is not always the right thing to do but it is the truth, both parties are to blame for this road we are on."

Rubio also touted conservative principles and insisted America's military must be stronger.

"In the face of all of these threats, we are gutting our military capability and that is why one of the first things this party must always be about is the party of a strong national defense," Rubio said.

Friday's event was an opportunity for thousands of Florida voters to hear directly from their candidates.

Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and Mike Huckabee were other GOP candidates hoping to win over Florida voters Friday. Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Jeb Bush were also speaking.

Miami City Commissioner Francis Suarez said he has already made up his mind.

"It is not about Mr. Rubio over Mr. Bush, for me it is about why Marco Rubio and he is the only candidate of either party that is really talking about the issues that affect people in my generation, he has laid out a very broad vision," Suarez said.

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