Gov. DeSantis' Job Rating Drops Amid Coronavirus Pandemic: New Poll

New poll shows DeSantis' job approval has plummeted since 2019

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has seen his job rating plummet over the past year and amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a new poll says.

The Mason-Dixon Poll released Friday shows 49% of a group of registered voters in the state disapprove of DeSantis' performance, compared to 45% who approve. Another 6% were "not sure," and the margin for error was plus or minus 4 percentage points.

It's a steep decline from a March 2019 poll that showed 62% approval to 24% disapproval, with 14% not sure.

Among Democrats, DeSantis' approval dropped from 41% to 17%, while approval among Republicans dropped 11 points and among independents dropped 17 points.

The poll was conducted from July 20-23, and surveyed 625 registered Florida voters, including 268 Democrats, 255 Republicans, and 102 independents.

In southeast Florida, DeSantis' approval has dropped 23 points, with 63% disapproval to 30% approval, according to the poll. DeSantis has a better approval rating in North Florida, with 58% approval to 37% disapproval.

DeSantis has faced criticism as Florida has been tested in trying to keep the coronavirus outbreak under control in recent weeks, with cases and virus-related deaths rising.

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