Gov. DeSantis Teams Up With Bass Bro Shops to Announce Hurricane Dorian Initiative

Gov. Ron DeSantis has teamed up with Bass Pro Shops to announce a new initiative for the victims of Hurricane Dorian.

“Anglers For The Bahamas” is getting millions in corporate support and of course, the fishing captains are all on board.

“It’s a great effort to help our neighbors, they’re so close,” said fishing captain Terry Robinson. “They’re our neighbors, they’re our friends.”

Bass Pro Shops Founder Johnny Morris partnered with Convoy of Hope, an international disaster relief organization, to get it started.

“It’s an effort to unite, especially people who love to fish, to support the Bahamas.”

And they’ve got an all-star cast.

Movie star Mark Wahlberg Facetimed from California.

“Love you guys, anything I can do to continue to help support the people of the Bahamas. Give anything you can, we know the devastation. Thank all of you guys for your support,” Wahlberg said.

Dorian decimated the Abacos and parts of Grand Bahama Island. Gov. DeSantis says Florida’s focus will be on supporting Bahamians trying to rebuild there.

“This is our home and we want to bring it back, but they need help to be able to do that so we’re gonna meet that need,” DeSantis said. “We’re identifying all of the supplies.”

When it comes to helping hurricane refugees who have come to South Florida:

“If you just need the relief, you know, that’s not what Florida’s set up for, Florida is helping to send resources over to the Bahamas so the relief could be administered there,” DeSantis said.

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