Gov. Scott Repeals Florida's Ban on Pet Dyeing

Dyeing animals various colors will become legal again July 1

With his signature Friday, Gov. Rick Scott moved to allow Florida residents to dye bunnies, pollitos and other animals whatever colors they want, the Sun Sentinel reported.

The repeal of the Florida’s 45-year ban on the dyeing of pets takes effect in just under three months, on July 1.

Thousands of animal lovers have declared their opposition to the bill via emails and calls with the governor’s office, the newspaper reported.

"If Gov. Scott does not veto this bill, I think he should dye his body fuchsia and his head yellow and super-glue some chicken feathers to his head," Louise McCormick of Wellington told the Sun Sentinel. "This is so ridiculous. It's going to kill them."

Before the ban in 1967, pet stores would dye bunnies and baby chickens in various pastels for Easter sales, but once the colors faded the animals were often abandoned, WPTV reports.

A dog groomer pushed the new bill, saying the ban kept people from entering their dogs in shows, according to WPTV.

It quoted the governor talking about the chickens he briefly owned when he was a boy.

“My grandfather gave me some chickens and I think he came to his senses and took them back,” he said. "He didn’t think they would probably last very long.”

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