Gov. Scott Writes Letter to Raul Castro Asking For ‘Freedom and Democracy' in Cuba

Weeks after the death of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, the Governor of Florida is now making a plea to Castro’s brother in hopes of a free Cuba.

Gov. Rick Scott sent a letter to current Cuban leader Raul Castro – though the Cuban ambassador to America – saying the current government can “allow a new era of freedom and opportunity.”

“After Pope Francis’ trip to Cuba, you suggested that you may return to the church and pray again. My prayer for you and the Cuban people is that you listen to Pope Francis and focus on bringing absolute freedom and democracy to Cuba,” Scott wrote. “You have a tremendous and historic opportunity right in front of you.  You can take Cuba in one of two directions.”

Castro is scheduled to leave office in 2018 and has shown in recent years he was at least open to some small changes, part of the changing relations encouraged by President Barack Obama. Still, critics have said nothing has changed regarding human rights violations and persecution of dissadents to the regime.

“No one thinks you will choose the way of freedom, the way of democracy, the way of peace,” said Scott. “People will mock this letter and call it naïve.  But, for the sake of the Cuban people, I pray change will come.

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