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Group of Cyclists ‘Ride 4 Justice' Through South Florida to Honor George Floyd, Protest Police Brutality

Several dozen cyclists got together last week to ride their bikes through South Florida, expressing their anger at last month's police killing of George Floyd and demanding change for Black people in the U.S.

“We just want to support,” said Morocco Hitt, one of the cyclists. “We just want to support George Floyd and (speak out against) injustices that are going on in America to Black people. We want to be able to have our voices heard and be a part of the movement.”

The group started their ride at Southwest 152nd Street and traveled through Dadeland, Overtown and Downtown Miami last Sunday afternoon, June 7th.

One week later, South Florida has now seen fifteen consecutive days of demonstrations, with protesters in Miami echoing those around the world calling for change.

“It’s a tremendous feeling to see everyone out here,” said Travis Glassford, another cyclist. “Usually when you see something like this it’s for a bad cause, a lot of people together, but this time you see a lot of smiling faces and we’re just happy to be out here.”

“It feels like you are not alone,” Hitt added. “It feels like you can see people who want the same thing as you want so it feels good to have the teamwork going on.”

She hopes the bike ride will help spread awareness and inspire more people to listen to the protesters' message.

“I hope that when people see it on tv and they see people riding  and they’re looking, they know that people really want to change,” she said. “They really want things to be different and maybe if they don’t agree, they’ll say these people want change and we should listen.”

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