Group of Thieves Break Into Sedano's With Sledgehammer, Steal Lottery Tickets and Cigarettes

A group of thieves used a sledgehammer to break into two Sedano’s Supermarkets and proceeded to steal lottery tickets and cigarettes from both locations, surveillance footage appears to show.

The first robbery took place at the Sedano’s at 10333 Pines Blvd. The video timestamp shows that the crooks were in and out without minutes.

The store is now boarded up as detectives and employees work together to assess the loss.

About two hours after the Pembroke Pines break-in, it appears the thieves drove north with the same idea in mind.

One man smashed the glass doors, leading the way for four other crooks to enter. Inside, cameras caught the thieves running through the establishment at 7208 Southgate Blvd. in North Lauderdale, a trail of lottery tickets behind them.

All of the suspects were wearing hoodies and pants, and at least two of them had white masks on, the video shows.

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