Key Biscayne

Group Threatens Lawsuit Over Key Biscayne's Non-Resident Bicycle Ban

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Key Biscayne is facing a potential lawsuit after banning non-residents from riding bicycles in the village.

The emergency order, that went into effect Tuesday, cites the fight against the coronavirus as the reason.

However, some are accusing Key Biscayne of using the virus as an excuse to ban bicyclists from riding through the village.

"Banning all bicycle travel by non-residents within the Village of Key Biscayne based on a report of a few individuals not wearing masks is absurd," a letter written by lawyers representing several Miami-Dade residents said. "It is, in reality, a poorly veiled excuse to ban cyclists."

The letter, addressed to town's council, also asks that the ban be lifted by noon Friday -- otherwise, they will seek an injunction.

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