Guac is Back as US and Mexico Work Out Avocado Issue

U.S. officials had banned the import of avocados after an inspector was threatened

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Last week, the U.S. Agriculture Department stopped importing Mexican avocados after an inspector received threats to his safety.

But as of Friday afternoon, Mexican and U.S. agencies said they've worked things out and Mexican avocados will now be back in U.S. markets.

About 80% of U.S. avocados come from the region of Michoacán, Mexico. 

"Cutting off about 80% of the supply, one would expect that that would lead to a fairly substantial price rise," economist John Gilbert said.

And that's exactly what was happening at Mexican restaurant Cheen-Huaye in Aventura. They said avocados were more expensive than before when they could buy a box for $40 instead of $100. They had to pass down the higher cost to the consumer. 

"They complain about it a little bit about the price you know but it is what it is right now," manager Magna Vieira said before the deal was worked out.

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