Guests on Royal Caribbean Cruise Test Positive for COVID-19

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Several guests on a Royal Caribbean cruise have tested positive for COVID-19, officials said Friday.

Six guests on Adventure of the Seas, which departed from Nassau in the Bahamas on July 24, tested positive for the virus during routine testing required of all guests before returning home, a Royal Caribbean spokesperson said.

Four of the guests, who were not traveling together, are vaccinated. Three are asymptomatic and one has mild symptoms. Two of the guests, who are in the same travel party, are minors and not vaccinated. They are asymptomatic as well.

NBC 6 spoke to someone on that ship. She’s a travel and consumer news reporter for USA Today and was actually on the ship for work and was the first to report on these positive cases on board. 

There are a lot of precautions on board and most people she’s spoken to don't seem to be worried. 

"The reaction that I've seen from most people that I've talked to is that they feel safe," USA Today reporter Morgan Hines said. "There are a lot of precautions in place to mitigate the spread of COVID."  

Royal Caribbean says those six passengers were immediately quarantined and says all their close contacts were traced and tested negative. 

The ship required that all passengers 16 and older be fully vaccinated and have a negative test before boarding. 

"I haven't felt unsafe at all from a personal experience," Hines said. "I appreciate that there are precautions. From what I've heard, people are feeling safe. I have not felt unsafe. Obviously, I cant speak for everyone." 

The guests who tested positive and their immediate travel parties got off the ship in Freeport and separately traveled home by private transportation.

Royal Caribbean said that children who are ineligible for the vaccine must test negative as well before getting on this ship and all crew is fully vaccinated.

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