Guitars Over Guns Miami Premieres “Am I Wrong” Video

Guitars Over Guns Miami is celebrating their year-end project, a re-make of Nico & Vinz's popular song, "Am I Wrong." 

Mentors spent months with students learning the songs and dissecting the lyrics, resulting in a defining moment for GOGO and the young musicians.

In April, the program took students to Noisematch Recording Studios in Miami's Wynwood neighborhood to record the track with more than 40 children.

The video was filmed weeks later, during spring break, at Allapattah Middle School, where the program started last year.

The children had a blast coming up with ideas and a storyboard for the video.

"With new academic accountability and increased high-stakes testing, many of the traditional elective courses that used to be available to students have been sacrificed. GOGO allows students to enjoy a quality music program that exposes them to cognitive learning and facilitates growth in many areas of human development. Our students have gained motivation, social skills, and appreciation for the arts through their consistent participation in GOGO" said Principal Bridget McKinney of Allapattah Middle School.

You can watch the video in its entirety on YouTube:

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