Haiti President-Elect Dismisses Money Laundering Allegations

Haiti's president-elect says money laundering accusations that have swirled around him for months are a smear campaign by political enemies.

Jovenel Moise is a businessman from northern Haiti who was ex-President Michel Martelly's preferred successor. He won the November election and is due to be sworn in next month.

This week, opposition senators called for an internal report by a Haitian financial intelligence agency to be investigated before his Feb. 7 oath-of-office ceremony. The report leaked last year suggested that Moise possibly laundered money.

Moise denies any wrongdoing. He asserts that institutional weakness and "jealousy" by political enemies are behind the accusations.

Financial intelligence agency chief Sonel Jean-Francois confirms the probe into Moise's businesses was opened in 2013. But he says it's up to justice authorities to investigate any further.

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