Haitian-American Pastors Shine Light On Mistreatment of Migrants

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Haitian-American pastors gathered in a church in Miami Gardens Sunday to shine a light on the mistreatment of migrants at the Texas border amid horrifying images and called for immediate action from political leaders and lawmakers.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava spoke at the event, condemning the mistreatment of Haitian migrants and called for a policy change to no longer deport the migrants back to Haiti.

 "We have a legal process we need to use it," Levine Cava said. "We need to be just and fair and step up and protect the people from a humanitarian disaster."

They also called on the Biden administration to undo immigration policies that are in place so Haitian migrants can have access to political asylum.

"We should not be deporting people to Haiti right now, Levine Cava said. "We need to have some temporary solutions."

Speaking among a coalition of Haitian-American pastors hoping to help people at the boarder stay here, Levine Cava said there needs to be due process.

"We have enough lands, we have enough means and just by showing kindness to people is a simple basic act of life," Levine Cava said, "and the way they’re treating people like animals."

Father Reginald Jean-Mary just returned from the Texas border town of Del Rio. He's shining a light on what he calls injustice and mistreatment at the boarder.

"It was not only mistreatment, but most importantly abuses of the fundamental rights of the children of god," Father Jean-Mary said.

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