Haitians in South Florida Celebrate Haitian Flag Day

For two centuries the royal blue and bright red flag has been the symbol of Haiti. Every year, Haitians across the world pay homage to the Haitian flag on May 18.

“May 18, 1803 that is the day we stitched our Haitian flag together,” said Linda Julien, Chair of the 2017 Haitian Heritage Month for City of North Miami.

The City held a celebration Thursday evening to commemorate the beloved flag.

"The flag represents unity. It represents resilience; it represents pride," explained Julien.

A mass was held in Miami in honor of Haitian Flag Day.

Thursday’s festivities at North Miami’s City Hall was a chance for many Haitians in South Florida to come together to enjoy live music and comedy.

"Things that we've experienced, throughout our culture, throughout our history so on this day it means so much to us to come together as a community and united community to celebrate this day,” said Julien.

For a list of Haitian Heritage Month events being held in South Florida, click here.

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