Hallelujah! Holy Water Teachers Reinstated

Teachers were accused of sprinkling holy water on an atheist colleague

It helps to have friends in high places - or at least be cleared of any criminal accusations.

Reading teachers Leslie Rainer and Djuna Robinson will be back in a Broward classroom this week after they were reinstated by the Broward County School Board on Monday, reports the South Florida Times.

Rainer and Leslie were the antagonist/protagonist in a brewing holy war after they were accused of dousing an atheist colleague with holy water after disagreeing with their religious views.

The March 11 incident spawned a criminal investigation, which centered on the topic that preceded the impromptu baptism - Haiti.

The atheist teacher, Schandra Rodriguez, had been talking to her class about the January earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince, when the discussion turned towards God's wrath being exacted on the island.

A student allegedly said “it sounds like someone needs some holy water.” Then came a perfume spray that morphed into a holy water baptism.

The two teachers denied the incident, claiming it was only a bottle of spray perfume and that they were nowhere near the teacher they're accused of spraying.

The Broward Sheriff's Office apparently is now closing the criminal investigation and notified the School Board the teachers should be allowed to go back to spreading the good word of a reading book in the classroom.

Rainer and Leslie will return to regular duties on Tuesday.

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