‘He Forced Me to Open the Safe': North Miami Home Invasion Victim Recalls Incident

A North Miami family said they were terrorized by a gang of crooks who stole their belongings and sense of security.

It's been weeks since the crime happened, and the family said police have not been letting them know what's going on with the case, despite numerous calls and emails to the investigators.

"He forced me on my knees to open the safe," Naim Sedik explained.

Sedik and one of the other victims relived the moments of terror when inside his North Miami home he was forced to open their safe. Sedik told NBC 6 he was so frightened, he forgot the numbers several times before he got it open.

The home invasion took place in what is normally a quiet neighborhood near the bay.

"I just opened the bathroom and there was this guy with a bandanna on and a hat and he had some weapons," Sedik said.

The assailants eventually put the men in their laundry room after tazing one of them and tying them all up with duct tape and threatening them with a machete.

"Meanwhile, they stunned Alonzo and they were like tying him up with duct tape and the same thing to him," Sedik said.

"We have been actively investigating this crime. It's every serious to us here in North Miami and we are really taking the opportunity now to ask the public to help," said Major Annmarie Cardona with North Miami Police.

Sedik said the men made off with $177,000 worth of goods.

"He said if I didn't want anything to happen to me or my friends or the freaking dog, we had to open the safe and he was asking me about watches and rings and cash and diamonds."

Sedik gave the police high marks for their immediate response but is getting anxious when it comes to finding the suspects. Police said they are running the forensic test now.

"We're looking for four unknown white male subjects. One is little darker in color. On the 29th of October they committed a home invasion robbery," Cardona said.

The victims and residents indicated they'd like police detectives to kick it into high gear when it comes to finding these men. Police, of course, don't want them out on the street either.

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS.

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