‘He Was an Animal,' Says Man Run Over and Dumped Behind Garbage

Craig Camlin was run over and tossed behind a garbage bin until lawn workers found him

Craig Camlin mustered a smile for the TV cameras crowding his room at Broward Health North Medical Center, even though his body is broken, and he can barely whisper.

"Very mad," Camlin whispered to his sister, Jayne Camlin, who was standing next to his bed.

Very mad at Alex Inostroza. Fort Lauderdale Police say on the morning of Dec. 16, Inostroza crashed into Camlin, who was riding his bicycle, Camlin flipped over the hood of Inostroza's car, rolled over the roof and stopped on the trunk.

"Do you have any recollection of the crash?" Jayne Camlin asked her brother.

"Nothing," he said.

Police say Inostroza was drunk. They say he drove two miles with Camlin on his car, and when he got home, he picked up Camlin and dumped him behind a garbage bin in the parking lot of his apartment complex in Pompano Beach.

"He was an animal," Camlin said.

"It's devastating, actually, and for our family, it's devastating, it's not only changed Craig's life it's changed us as a family," Jayne Camlin said, explaining that Craig is one of five close-knit siblings.

Craig can't speak because he's been on a ventilator from the day of his accident until two days ago.

He is paralyzed below the waist. Lucky to be alive, but his family's faith has not been shaken.

"God's doing some amazing things in his life,this is a man who came in not sure if he was going to live," said Pastor Greg Anderson of Calvary Chapel. 

If not for chance, lawn workers passing by at the right time, Camlin would've died behind the garbage bin.

"That was a god thing because they were there randomly, he definitely, the doctor said, when they brought him here was DOA  they brought him back to life," Jayne Camplin said.

Craig Camlin still has hope, hope that he'll recover a normal life. But he has no health insurance and a million dollars of medical bills already. You can help by donating at helphopelive.Org and by taking craig's advice: "Don't drink and drive, don't drink and drive," Camlin whispered.

Inostroza was arrested after police say he tried to repair the damage to his car to cover his tracks. He bonded out of jail and is awaiting trial.

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