North Lauderdale

‘He Was Screaming': Car Hits Man While Crashing Into North Lauderdale Store, Witnesses Say

The victim was rushed to a local hospital and is expected to survive. 

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Fabian Ramirez, a clerk at the One Food Store on Bailey Road in North Lauderdale, says he was assisting customers when he heard a commotion.

“One moment we’re dealing with customers, everything’s chill, then crash, bam!” said Ramirez. 

Moments later, he realized a car was crashing into the front of the store.

“All I heard was loud crashing and glass breaking,” said Ramirez. “I thought it was something from the shelf that fell off. Then I saw the window coming along with whatever the hell went through it. And I was just trying to get back.”

Ramirez says the car not only went crashing into the store, but hit a man along the way, pinning him inside. 

“He’s a local who normally hangs out around here,” said Ramirez. “He was just chilling over there where the shutter is, texting on his phone and everything, and all of a sudden he got taken with the car as well.”

A man who asked to be identified as "Leepay" works next door to the store as a barber. 

He says he knows the man who was hit. 

“He was screaming and everything,” said Leepay. “But the ambulance came and took him. I spoke to his family, and they said he’s going to be okay.”

Leepay says he saw the driver too. 

“The guy said he was trying to stop but he couldn’t,” said Leepay. “The car kept going.”

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office says the victim was rushed to a local hospital and is expected to survive. 

Investigators say the driver remained on the scene and was cooperative. The investigation is ongoing.

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